25-27 April, 2017 | Germany

Harry Döring

Head of department
Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research
Study electric engineering university Ilmenau (Diploma: deposition magnetic layers for data storage 1982 Scientific coworker department electrochemistry university Dresden, (PhD: on lead acid batteries 1987) Senior scientist @ institute of solar energy and hydrogen research head of department: electrochemical accumulators (electric characterization of batteries, investigation of battery safety risk)

2:10 PM Investigations of the efficiency of fire extinguishing agents for Li-battery fire

• Li-batteries might run into thermal runaway under critical environment and abuse conditions
• Local failure and fire might propagate via the complete battery
• Efficient fire extinguishing agents shall quickly extinguish the flames and shall prevent the failure propagation

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Harry.

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